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1989 piper malibu mirage
1985 Piper Malibu PA46-310
1981 Cessna Turbo 182RG 1997 A36 Beechcraft Bonanza

1979 F33A Beechcraft Bonaza

1987 Malibu PA-46-310 1985 Beechcraft A36 1979 Cessna Turbo
182 R/G
1984 Malibu PA46

1979 Piper Turbo
Lance II

Beech 1979 V35B
1982 Cessna 182RG
Skylane II
1984 Cessna 182RG
Skylane II
1993 Piper Mirage 1985 Cessna 182RG
Skylane II
1986 Malibu PA46-310P
TSIO-550 C1B Conversion
1981 Cessna Turbo 182RG
Skylane II
1985 Cessna 182RG
Skylane II
1997 Piper Mirage
1984 Piper Malibu
1981 Turbo TR182RG Retract 1990 Beechcraft Bonanza 1982 Cessna 182RG Skylane II 1974 Piper Aztec
  1990 Piper Mirage

1977 Cessna 310R

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Right Profile Left Profile Interior Pilot Panel
Co-Pilot Panel
Ctr Stack VP Mode Ctr Stack On Ctr Stack Map Mode
  Panel Full On Panel GPS 90A  


total time 4,900 tt since new

colemill conversion io-550, 300hp, 1,600 snew (very strong)
lowest 65+80, 500 stop rt, expect another 500+ hrs before service

prop 3 blade hot ~ full de-ce/ice plates, alcy ws
long range fuel 163 gals reuseable
useful heavy gross mod-vortex generators +300# useful
deice full deice, ice plates, hot propsl, alky ws.
avionics / equipment
all king digital, his, 2/2000 color vp radar
avionicx master switch w/king audio panel w/marker beacon
nav/com #1 & 2 king digital kx-155 w/gs
dme king digital kn-64 coupled nav 1-2
adf king digital slaved kr-87
transponder king kt-76a w/encoder
gps king eln-90a system-slaved hsi-ap
hsi king kcs55aslaved system, fully coupled
radar king rdr-2000 color stabalized vertical profile
autopilot cessna 400b, w/yaw dampner, fully coupled
other avionics shadin digital fuel flow, dual gs, 2nd horizon, 100 amp alts, fuel mod, tannis eng heaters
options rosen visors, clocks, pump door seal, cabin fan, draps, articulating front seats, corrosion treated, 100 amp alts
mods $100,000 colemill 300hp, io-550 mod, vg's, heavy gross, vp color radar, full boots
condition mid-america corporate two owner aircraft hangared, no damage, maintained by tas and stephens.  engs 65+/80 all cylinders, expect 500+ hour before service.  very well maintained, full documentation.  the 300hp + vgs give superior performance and reliability.  king equipment, color vp radar and full deice, provide a safe travel environment for all aboard.
Specifications • Equipment • Condition subject to buyer verification
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